A castle in the rain

After the initial sunshine the day decided to be very wet and so my umbrella became my companion today. Our neighbours changed in the morning and I soon got chatting with Claire and Andy and later, their friends Sandie and Brett of barges Rival and Albertine.

Teddy and Herbie had a good romp in the nearby gardens …


Herbie has a naughty habit of biting Teddy’s tail to get a reaction which is not well received!

I wasn’t going to allow the rain to spoil my day and went off into town and to visit the castle which is apparently the largest in Europe.  The town was a let down (maybe the rain didn’t help) so onward to the castle.


There were lots of steps so I got a good workout too!

Then I saw this baby in the car park.  Isn’t she beautiful?


There were lots of Rolls Royces in the car park especially for the WW1 100 year remembrance.


I got completely lost on the way back to the boat … Thank goodness for Samsung GPS!

Me and Kev were invited to join our new pals for a pre dinner drink when we got back so we boarded Albertine to a warm reception and spent a very pleasant couple of hours chatting and laughing while sharing boaty stories.



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