A very rainy morning in Lumes. I did however see a narrow boat pass by. Mabel Rose was the name. We waved and said hello. How lovely to see a fellow English boater!

Finally the rain ceased for a while so I walked into Lumes with Kev and the dogs . .. not a lot there I have to say.

A trip into Charleville was needed and the weather was not going to put me off.  The train times from Lumes has a huge gap in the afternoon so the motor home was used, the car park was cheap (€2) and nice and close.

Although the town centre is quite large there are streets that are essentially closed as no shops are open.  I found a few old favourites I haven’t seen for years … Naf Naf and Morgan for example.

The centre square holds a merry go round and several games areas such as table tennis and of course boules.  There is also a large sanded area with sun loungers (when I visited the other day there was a volleyball game here).


Lunch was eaten in the square which has restaurants all around.  The food was okay but not as good as I had hoped hence no photo.


I should have guessed by all the empty tables!

After some retail therapy and a humungus ice cream I managed to get back to the car park just as the rain decided to return.

Tomorrow  we will be moving off and heading upstream to who knows where … The map hasn’t been looked at yet so you’ll have to wait and see!

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