Mooring at Charleville? I don’t think so!

This is Avalon in Nouzonville. ..


After a leisurely stroll with the boys we (Kev) managed to get the boat loose of the rocks we had bedded on overnight and off we went to Charleville.  There was some confusion as to which side of the river we needed to be on – the map seemed to tell the opposite of the river signs so we just did what everyone else did. Only 2 locks today (or was it 3, they all merge into one! Hang on I’ve just been told it was 4!).


The gates at this lock made a very ominous clonk when they closed.

I’m very surprised that I didn’t see more boats today … just a few. I’d have thought given August is France’s official holiday time it would have been far busier on the water. Not that I’m complaining, more moorings for me!

I spied this house nestled high up all alone.


I always wonder who lives in these secluded nooks.

Not finding a town mooring in Charleville we cruised up a bit and found the perfect place. A proper mooring just out of town.  After tying up Kev checked his notes to discover this mooring is a big no no. Apparently drunks hang out here nightly and have a habit of untying boats. No thank you!

So now we are moored up (safely) in Lumes. We can reach Charleville by train if we wish tomorrow so that’s not a problem and there’s a lovely field for the dogs to romp in.

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