Wild mooring in Nouzonville

Yesterday afternoon we drove the motor home into Charleville to buy an Internet sim and in the centre of the town I spied this delightful merry – go – round.


Weather today … cloudy, a bit breezy and some rain. You can’t have it good all the time I guess.  Time to move on regardless and we get to the first lock as the rain began.  Then the second lock doesn’t work so we call the man in the van out. However, the scenery hasn’t disappointed and a got a few interesting shots. I spied a fisherman and was rather surprised when I caught sight of his friend!


Then I saw this chap. In the UK they fly off as soon as you lift your camera but here they are as cool as a cucumber.


Along the way I took this shot and was pleased at the reflection of the houses in the water.


Here’s a pic of me, Kevin  and Graham (plus Baxter) from NB Matilda Rose from the other day when we met up. ..


My tan is coming on nicely.

We have moored up in a town called Nouzonville along the riverbank as there are no official moorings.  Within a few minutes a very nice man appeared with his camera and asked to take pictures. It appears that he works for the mayor’s office and is campaigning to get the town to build some official moorings and he wants to use us as an example of there being a real need.  We were only too happy to oblige of course.

Tomorrow we are heading to Charleville in the hope of securing an early mooring as apparently they get filled up pretty quick!

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