Nature’s wonders

Yesterday we moved on from Haybes. The deep mist that welcomed me when I drew back the curtains was soon burnt away by the strong sunshine which stayed all day.


There were lots of unmanned locks to keep me occupied, the first being unresponsive which was frustrating as there was no telephone number to call but as if by magic a little van arrived and we were soon on our way.  The locks on this part of the Meuse are all self manned and we were given a little remote control box at the last manned lock with which to operate these locks. Once inside I needed to push a rod upwards to close the gates and start the process.  The rod, depending on the lock, was often heavy to move and the water came in fast.  We went through 6 locks and one tunnel and passed under a beautiful bridge




before finally mooring up in Laifour.  A lovely mooring with fishermen for company and a view you wouldn’t believe.

We are deep inside a valley so no TV and no Internet.


Graham and Jill from NB Matilda Rose were there to greet us and we had a lovely evening catching up over a barbecue while Teddy and Herbie caught up with their old pals Baxter and Mutley.

This morning Kevin cycled back to Haybes to collect the motor home and I thought he’d been a long time … I get a text telling me he’d been to have a go on a zip wire, 1.2km long and 110 metres high at 139 km/h! I’m sure there are easier ways to kill yourself!  Seriously they do this over a valley (we saw them as we were cruising along) and they are flat as a board hanging on a piece of string! Madness.

We drove into Charleville this afternoon to get the Internet sorted out … its so expensive here! Plus I managed to get a bit of retail therapy under my belt – it has been a while!

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