Dinant in the sunshine

We left Yvoir yesterday morning to go to Dinant. The sun was shining brilliantly and the breeze Avalon created was very welcome!  Too hot to drink regular coffee I made some iced coffee … It was delicious!

There were 2 locks to tackle and boy were we both rusty! Still, no major hiccups and we survived intact. 

Arriving in Dinant we cruised past the official moorings which were full, and moored up nearby but a little further out.

Then of course walked the dogs to stretch their legs.

Today we decided to explore and headed into the centre mid morning.   First stop was the Gothic church.


I do love an old church … They smell wonderful!

Next stop was the castle which involved a cable car ride.  I shut my eyes and survived!   We tagged along behind an organised tour and had an interesting time until we reached a section that had subsided during I think WW1.   Oh boy!  The whole structure was at a weird angle and it was difficult to stand straight and walk  .. especially for me with my balance issues.  I survived but they were very lucky that I wasn’t sick.


There were some interesting scenes inside. This one caught my eye.

I was shocked to see flick knives and reproduction guns for sale in the gift shop.

After a very agreeable lunch we visited the bridge which is famous for all its saxophone statues.




Walking through the town going back to the boat I discovered the saxophone museum which had this wonderful glass statue gracing it’s garden.


I should explain that Dinant is the home of the saxophone with its inventor, Adolphe Sax, living there in the 1800s.

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