A gentle start

After one month in England to catch up with friends and family, yesterday we came back to Avalon in Yvoir. 

The day started early … too early as Kevin had got the ferry times wrong (rolls eyes).  We had parked up in Dover so no long drive  beforehand and the ferry trip was uneventful, nay boring.

We were both shattered, having been up since 4 am so we drove about 60 miles before pulling into an aire to walk Teddy and Herbie and have a quick kip.  After an hour we were both wide awake and eager to get to the boat.

Once on board there was lots to do … unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking. Not just clothes but also food, my bike and various other bits and bobs.  The weather is extremely hot here so it was pretty tiring but finally I could sink back into the sofa with a glass of wine for a chill.

Today has been spent pottering about getting things ready and giving the dogs some much needed exercise.  A nice walk into the village centre demanded a short rest at a local bar, just to watch the world go by and chat to a few locals you understand.


On the way back I met another Airedale, there does seem to be a few around Belgium.


Teddy liked the look of her!

After lunch we took the motor home for a drive and I spotted some gorgeous houses …



I admit I’m rather envious!

Now, have you ever seen a flower like this?


Spotted in the local supermarket.  Furry AND frilly! Very odd.

Tomorrow we are heading to Dinant which I have been told is rather lovely!

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