A different form of travel

We have now left Avalon for a month to spend some time on the motorhome and to go home to visit family and friends.

On the way to Calais we stopped overnight at Douai where we found the most beautiful park bang smack in the centre.  Beautifully kept it held many excellent specimens and had gardeners 24/7.  Needless to say, Teddy and Herbie had great fun exploring.  The dogs were fussed over by a Chinese family … orientals seem to be fascinated by them and we are often stopped for photographs wherever we are.  We parked up nearby and within close proximity of an acceptional Chinese restaurant.   We left the next day for a favourite place of ours … Le Touquet.

I have always loved Le Touquet, having been there several times in the past with friends.  We haven’t visited for around 15 years so were expecting some changes but there weren’t too many and we spied many familiar features.

The shopping has improved dramatically and it was excellent before, plus the amount of restaurants has doubled.  The only downside was that motorhomes are not allowed anywhere near the centre so we parked up on the outskirts in a motorhome park and walked in.  Pavement pounding is not my favourite pastime but when it’s the only way …

I found a favourite restaurant, Jean’s Bar. It hasn’t changed very much and still has the motorbike in the middle of the restaurant.  First night and I had a splendid meal …


Truly mouthwatering!

Next day I hit the shops (of course), bought a rather nice dress and then we had lunch and people watched.  Le Touquet is known as Paris by the sea and I can see why.  Lots if stylish people having lunch and English tourists – mainly school children! 

Next to the motorhome park was a woodland and the beach (where Teddy lost his bearings and disappeared for a while). 

Sorry there’s no photos … I was too busy enjoying myself plus I forgot to carry my camera about.  Never mind.

44 miles and we arrived in Calais where after a short delay we embarked on our ferry.  I was very surprised when we were handed the chip scanner to scan our dogs ourselves and no one checked how many dogs we had or even peered in to see them.  I could’ve been storing 50 rabid puppies and got them through no problem!

We stayed overnight in Dover and drove home today abd I’m happy to say I’m comfortably snuggled on my sofa at home as I type.  So this will be my last post for a few weeks. 

I’ll see you all in a few weeks 🙂

2 thoughts on “A different form of travel

  1. Hi Debs, I have had absolutely no communications since we crossed the border – the Belgium scenario all over again. G managed to get limited comms on his phone a few days ago for Facebook and e-mail BUT we are moored at Fumay (everything you ever dreamed of) has FREE half hour slots of WiFi.
    When you leave your mooring you are in for SUCH a treat! Make sure you have time to village hop after the 2 little locks from Vireux Wallerand; I’ll say no more as I want to keep it as a surprise – see you in Paris maybe later this year xx

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