Unexpected beauty

Leaving our moorings next morning we had a surprise.  We shared the lift with eight other boats, which proved to be great fun.



Beer was shared (it was a bit early for me) and much chatter, albeit mainly in French.  Going up the slope proved to be much easier on my vertigo and with the sun shining, the whole experience was good.

We moored up briefly after leaving the lift and walked the dogs along the river bank.  Much appreciated by my furry boys.

It was a long day on the water, made more pleasant by the sun warming our shoulders and a good serving of music and beer.  Three locks were gone through, all with floating bollards which are my new best friends.

I made friends with a new passenger who stopped by to rest for a while.


We eventually reached our destination of Charleroi and at first I was dismayed, lots of industrial sites lined the river which seemed to get more dilapidated as we got further on.  But then my artistic side took over and I could see the beauty of these rusting derelict buildings.  Indeed according to Google Charleroi is famous for its industrial landscapes.

P1000927 P1000928 P1000930 P1000932 P1000934 P1000935 P1000937 P1000938 P1000939 P1000940 P1000941 P1000942 P1000943 P1000944 P1000945 P1000946 P1000947 P1000949 P1000951

and there is plenty of quite amazing graffiti to look at too.

P1000954 P1000953 P1000952DSC09545DSC09550

We turned a corner just past this area and found some town moorings, perfect!  Just behind our moorings is this beautiful chateau.

DSC09553 and our moorings …DSC09552

And just behind our mooring is a floating chapel.  Curiously it wasn’t open today (Sunday).

DSC09551 DSC09544 DSC09543

Teddy and Herbie enjoyed their run along the riverbank this morning.

 DSC09548 DSC09549

I found parts of the industrial area quite fascinating.  Especially this water cooling system.  Unfortunately my camera doesn’t really show the beauty of the water droplets.

DSC09547 DSC09546

Walking across a bridge we discovered what I can only think it the Turkish region.  I spied a small supermarket and went in to have a look around while Kevin held the dogs.  Not much to see inside except an outstanding spice display.  Kevin wanted to look at the vegetables so I took my turn holding the dogs outside.  Most of the locals smiled politely at the dogs and stayed well clear but one lady who pulled up in her car knocked on her window to get my attention and pointed at the dogs indicating she wanted me to move them so she could go inside the shop with her baby.  I realise that part of Muslim religion is never to touch a dog (because they are ‘dirty’) so I respected her wishes and moved.

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