Is this Challenge Anneke?!

This morning the aim was to travel the 12km to visit the Plan incline de Ronquieres which is a sort of boat train/lift. It’s used instead of locks and puts you at the bottom (or top) of a hill.

I had no expectations at all but, since my vertigo attack last October, I’m not great at heights so I kept well away from the edge!

I managed to get a few pictures though.  This is it as we were approaching.   We headed for the right hand chamber.


Changing the subject … do any of you have the problem of being called back to the stern every time you go to the bow by your darling other half?  It’s so frustrating!! Of course this happened as I went to my tying off position.  When I finally returned, I spied this little piece of graffiti which made me chuckle …


How apt!

So in we go and this is my side view …


and the other side …


and the front …


Off we go down the mountain hill and it creaks and groans and sounds like its about to fall apart but amazingly we slowly go down and down and down.  I admit I wasn’t feeling that great during this experience and didn’t look much further than my shoes so maybe its better you read my husband’s take on the whole thing at   It felt a bit like a ski lift.

It seemed to take forever before we reached the bottom and I dared to stand up!  This is the view from the bottom upwards …


It’s not really that steep is it?!

As the weather brightened we moored just after here for the night.

I wonder what I’ll be facing tomorrow? I’ve been through huge scary locks with huge scary barges, locks deeper than you could ever imagine, boat lifts of varying sizes and now this contraption! 

2 thoughts on “Is this Challenge Anneke?!

  1. andywindy

    I think you’ve had more exitement with technology in the last fortnight than most boat users get in a lifetime over here, well done for inspecting the deck and making sure you had a steady footing on the way down, my Wife has the same sort of experience and it’s not funny. If Himself calls you back when you are up front, then maybe he should install a Kev alarm, you know, the ones that let you hear when another member of the family is crying upstairs. (I’m trying hard not to refer to Kev as a Baby).

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