Tournai and a distinct lack of greenery

Next morning and we leave Kerkhove for Tournai which was once the capital of France.  We have to go through three locks and tagged along with a couple of the big ‘uns.  I felt rather apprehensive but the locks here are very gentle and we let the big guys go in first.


We all had great expectations of Tournai and our entrance to the city lived up to these expectations.



We moored up at some new town moorings to be greeted by the local ahem ‘character’. We left Graham and Jill with him … sorry about that!

Now, I was expecting the same standard we have had everywhere else in Belgium but we had a bit of a shock. Dog mess everywhere, broken glass everywhere and overall the place looks tired and grimy.  We did find a nice park to take the dogs to but even there we found drunks hiding in the bushes.  The only other piece of grass surrounded a church and was used by every dog in the neighbourhood.  I’m afraid I haven’t done very much exploring here, it hasn’t caught my enthusiasm at all. The people though have been extremely friendly. We met a lovely lady who teaches English.  I believe she brought some of her students to see Matilda Rose as an example of an English narrow boat.  I’m sure their blog will tell you all about it

We did find a drink for the dogs though …


On the bright side we discovered 2 supermarkets close to hand and I found lots of things to buy in the local boutiques.  No surprises there! We also discovered a fresh food market today on the way home – the chocolate mousse I bought didn’t last very long ha ha!

I’m very pleased to say that my dogs have more fans having been called ‘magnifique’ twice today and ‘superb’ once. They are certainly better behaved than the one I saw today jumping onto a flower display to ‘go potty’!

Anyway, here’s a photo of our mooring when we arrived …


and this morning …


We are now in a different region of Belgium.  Previously we were in Flanders (where everyone speaks English excellently) and we are now in Wallonie (where no one speaks English) and French is the spoken language. It makes life a bit harder but I need to practice my French anyway and you can get quite a long way using hand gestures!

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