The last evening and ‘wish I’d taken a photo’

Last night in Brugge and we all headed into town for a look-see.  Thanks to Kevin’s Segway tour he had discovered some delights the rest of us had missed.





My camera isn’t very good at night but I’m sure you can appreciate how beautiful it is in life.

I took a liking to the menu holder in a bar and was allowed to take it!


I think its quite retro plus its perfect for holding odd notes and receipts so I’m quite pleased with myself.

So yesterday we left Brugge to make our way to Gent. Lots of bridges to pass under. Take a look at to see some of them. None were as spectacular as the one in Brugge.  We have kinda got used to the huge barges, just giving them a respectfully wide berth as we go past.

We moored up overnight in some Godforsaken place against the riverbank. No nice moorings for us! The riverbank was incredibly high and steep so the climbing rope was put in place.  Kev went first, then Herbie and then Sherpa Ted and then I attempted.  I did get half way in all fairness but then the thought crossed my mind that I’d have to get back down and my nerve went … then my footing went … then I went back to the boat.  They coped well enough without me.

I’m now calling Teddy ‘Sherpa Ted’ because he is handling these steep banks amazingly. He digs his claws in and just plods on to the top like a pro.  I did have some concerns given he is 11 and slowing down but he’s coping admirably.  I really wish I’d taken a photo to share with you.  Herbie just bounds up like a goat.

A very lovely Facebook friend called Wendy kindly drew a sketch to give you a good idea what Sherpa Ted looked like:


Having survived the night in the wilds  we are now heading to Gent via Deinze which is meant to be a pretty route to Gent.  We shall see.

Meanwhile here is a cute picture of Herbie last night. He thought I should feed him early and brought his bowl into the living room for me.


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