Big water

Yesterday we moved a few miles towards Neiuwpoort along a pretty bland piece of river until we approached a wide piece of water used for various water sports (I’m sure Kevin’s blog will have the name of the place).


View to the right


View to the left


View straight ahead

And boy was it windy! To my surprise it didn’t phase me but then our boat is pretty stable, but it did feel a bit like being out at sea!

Then we approached the biggest lock I’ve ever seen (yet).


I’m feeling quite calm about the locks here because the lock keeper does all the hard work, but this did look a little large at first.  We were kept waiting for a while before being allowed to enter … it turns out the lock keeper was busy mowing his lawn!  Finally he let us in.




Much to my disapproval Kevin decided to hold the boat on the middle rope. There are parts of the region where this is a definite no-no which I’m glad about. Ropes to front and rear thank you very much, nice and safe!

Although the lock was the size of a small lake the water only moved up a small amount which was a bit of an anti-climax. I had expected to be clinging on for dear life with the boat being rocked viciously and thundering waves splashing me but it was all very serene.

We moored up just past the lock along a very pleasant piece of river … cheekily borrowing the fishermen’s steps to give our legs a bit of a rest.


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