The last few days have been whiled away in Diksmuide while some of us (Kevin) have visited the local museum and tower and others (myself and Jill) have re-stocked our larders and wardrobes (me).  For some reason I have a real need to add more shorts to my compact wardrobe space!


In this photo is the Pax Gateway constructed from the debris of the dynamited Yser Tower. The Yser Tower was victim of an assault in the night of 15 March 1946, a result of anti-Flemish attitude in Belgium.

The tower is, I think, the first Yser tower built in 1928 as a monument to Flemish-minded soldiers in WW1.

The local Lidl proved to have most of what I needed and I’m getting quite good at doing without a car.  This was a bit of a concern for me at first as back in England I drive everywhere. Here I have discovered that my legs work quite well and I can walk the dogs at the same time as shopping. Herbie in particular enjoys all the attention he gets from people as we walk around town.

A couple of days ago we all stopped for a quick beer or two and a young boy fell in love with Herbie and sat on the ground to pet him. This is no little thing as Herbie is very … shall we say … enthusiastic at greeting folk!



Jill’s glass seemed particularly generous!

On the way back Graham couldn’t resist stopping and indulging himself in the cake shop.



They did look rather delicious.

It has been a rather windy day today. Had it been calmer there would be a photo of Jill in her kayak here but that will have to wait for another day.

As I’ve said before, we are wild mooring just outside the town which is handy as there are a few open areas the dogs can go a bit crazy in (necessary with Airedales!)


Matilda Rose in front with Avalon looking very small at the rear. All I can say is what we lack in length we make up for in width!


Tomorrow we move off again heading back to Nieuwpoort on our way to beautiful Brugges. Fingers crossed the wind will have dropped and the sun will be shining (new shorts need wearing)!

One thought on “Diksmuide

  1. andywindy

    I don’t think Jill’s beer looked too generous, but then neither did Grahams cahebox! i do agree though, they do look very scrumptious I’m glad Cap’n Kev put a link to your blog on his as even at this early stage it is really nice to have two sides to each time you both post (I think I know what I mean!)

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