Wild mooring

Yesterday we upped and left Ypres and headed for Diksmuide. We moored midway overnight where I spotted this beautiful cottage.


We managed to find a grassy area where we could walk the dogs without upsetting anyone although they did have a quick scamoer through a corn field. I love the way they jump and bounce so thet can see where they’re heading.

So today we reached Diksmuide. The harbour master looked surprised as we chugged past the official (and costly) town moorings … we snuck around the corner and wild moored against the river bank.  Shh don’t tell anyone!  As Belgium has very steep river banks you do need to be a bit cunning.  We borrowed Graham and Jill’s scythe to chop out a path and fix a climbing rope on the road barrier to aid a smooth climb.


The dogs seem to cope with the challenge with ease.

We all popped into the town to buy some bread and sample the beer (fast becoming a regular habit)


and we made friends with a local lady


Kevin got very friendly as you can see!


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