In Flanders Field Museum and a spot of retail therapy

As most of the shops in Ypres don’t open on Mondays until 2pm we decided to visit the Flanders Museum which proved to be extremely informative and interesting.  I thoroughly recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area.


Now, my Facebook friends will have heard the story about me stupidly donating my nearly new Tommy Hilfiger white jeans to the British Heart Foundation (in error). I had previously spotted the Tommy logo outside a shop so my mission for the rest of the afternoon was to replace them. After 2pm I found the shop was open and hooray my jeans were there … but not in my size. I managed to get the sales assistant to understand me and she went away and reappeared with my precious jeans! Me being me I wasn’t satisfied with this so bought them in a beautiful bright coral too. Well, I haven’t been shopping for a while!

While in Belgium I felt it necessary to buy some chocolate … as presents you understand. I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered the very same chocolates that a friend used to bring me back on his yearly visit with the school we both worked for.  These chocolates are the most delicious I have ever tasted and I bought, ahem, 4 boxes. Okay one box was for me, and it was only a small box.

While in town Kevin managed to find a locksmith who removed the now defunked lock from the electric bike and replaced it. The key is now firmly attached to its float in case it heads water wards again.

A quick beer and croque madam later and we headed back to the boat, making a small detour to go to Kevin and Graham’s favourite shop, Delva, for some DIY essentials.  A very successful outing all in all but my feet are now a bit sore!

Tomorrow we are heading towards Diksmuide for a few days.

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