Wildlife and stuff

A busy couple of days. We pulled pins and headed off to Ypres yesterday going through two very deep locks. Thankfully all locks are attended and operated by a lock keeper which means I don’t need to leave the boat and stand shivering operating the gates myself. The water rushing through was loud enough to stop my brain thinking and I was a little concerned at first but all was fine.  By the second lock it seems our lock keeper had taken a liking to us and gave Jill and I a posy of lilac each . Not usual to British lock keepers I can assure you!


An unusual site was a small turtle or large terrapin sitting on a log in the water, there is a photo but it will follow later. I also thought I saw a Platypus but we won’t talk about that (I think I got a bit carried away).

We moored just outside the expensive marina and went into Ypres to explore (and buy me some shorts as I wasn’t expecting such warm weather!).  The dogs came too and were much admired, especially by a group of schoolchildren who were walking by.

Sadly we were forced into the mariner because it turned out we had moored in the local canoe polo goal area so had to move for tomorrow’s match.  How were we to know! 

We went shopping to re-stock our supplies which involved a bit of a trek with trollies and rucksacks and I  returned resembling a homeless woman carrying her worldly goods about with her! All good fun even in the rain.

Kevin managed to drop the keys to the electric bike into the water on our return. Graham attempted to find them with his super-strong magnet-on-a-string.  Sadly no luck but good on you Graham for trying plus it was still raining.


Kevin will have to pedal in future.  The exercise will do him good.

Tonight we are visiting the Menin Gate to watch the Last Post. Hopefully there will be photos tomorrow. 

4 thoughts on “Wildlife and stuff

  1. Malcolm Wade

    Well done Deb and shame on you Kevin would thought you might have had a floating key ring on your key, next time you are at the chandler you should get some for all your keys just not worth taking the chance, metal objects and water I am afraid water will always win .
    Have a good day 🙂

  2. juneg4ouh

    A bit late now I know, but you really need key floats for all your keys – and don’t do what we did, put too many keys on one float, so when Mike threw it in the canal to test it – it sank! Had to grab it quick!! We test ours in a bucket now…Glad you’re enjoying the Ypres canal. – June and Mike in Berlin

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