New experiences

The day started with a very pleasant stroll along the waterside with Jill and Mutley. Herbie and Mutley are great pals and soon indulged in a good game of ‘bitey face’ before trotting off with Teddy to investigate the bushes.

Teddy has seen most things many times before and doesn’t bat an eyelid at most other creatures.  Herbie has only really seen other animals on TV which he believes is a window into the next room, going back and forth to catch them.  Today he met sheep and lambs who looked as curious as he was. I’m glad Kevin was holding his lead because he wanted to go and investigate! 

We finished the walk with no incidents and went back to the boat where we decided to move off and head towards Ypres.  Its been such a beautiful sunny and warm day and we all decided to wild moor half way, ending up alongside a cycle path with fields surrounding.

Thankfully Graham of Matilda Rose had a scythe which proved invaluable for hacking away the overgrowth of the riverbank and we made a rough pathway through to the cycle path to walk the dogs.

Now you’d think a barbed wire fence would deter a dog wouldn’t you? Not when there’s cows in the field it would seem.  In the blink of an eye Herbie disappeared and was spotted at the far end of the field chasing a herd of cows at break neck speed!  In England he is scared of cows but here he wants to play with them!  Thankfully Kevin used his very stern and serious voice and Herbie came back pdq.  

Both dogs are now snoozing soundly.  My nerves may never recover …

One thought on “New experiences

  1. Kaye

    Herbie!!!! Debbie sounds like a very large glass of Vino is required!! Good to hear apart from the Herbie incident all is going fine relax you’ve earned it.

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