Learning from the locals

We quickly moved on to Veurne which is a delightful little town with a pretty town square containing lots of bars and restaurants. We managed to moor quite close so we could walk everywhere.

As pretty as it all appeared there is very little grass so Teddy and Herbie were a bit miffed to say the least.  Plus we discovered that dogs are not allowed off lead anywhere.  Now, Teddy has a bit of a problem here … he just cannot ‘do his business’ on the lead so I resorted to looking around to make sure no one was looking before unclipping his lead briefly,  while poor Teddy quickly saw to his needs! How very undignified for a boy of his age ha ha!

As you can imagine, you make a fair amount of rubbish while living aboard and over the past few days we had accumulated two bags. Now where to get rid of them?  On the advice of Jill from Matilda Rose I decanted the rubbish into little bags then set off for a wander disposing of them in the local bins surreptitiously on my way.  Well, if Jill hadn’t got their first with her rubbish! A bit like Benny Hill in the Italian Job!  A bit of a pain but needs must.  I have since learned that you simply hand your rubbish over to the lock keeper as you pass through any lock. How dignified and convenient! 

A lady I spoke to in the past (who has boated through Belgium and France) told me that water filling points were few and far between which did worry me, but I learned something else – lock keepers are obliged to provide water if requested. Who knew?! So that’s one ‘worry’ not to do.

We stayed at Veurne for several days, sorting out shopping and internet deals etc before finally moving on this morning to Fintele. Here we are moored outside a restaurant (how handy) with plenty of grass … can you hear Teddy and Herbie cheering?! 


The bridges lift for you to pass under.  Its all very civilised so far.


Our mooring in Veurne


Its very relaxing you know!


A passing windmill


Teddy meeting one of the locals


And Herbie too

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