Starting the adventure

14th April 2014 and its all systems go.  Everything (and I mean everything) is packed into the motorhome.  Oh wait, I might need this … or this … shall I pack this or not?  For me, this is always the worst part of any journey.  Finally stopped packing and bundled our two dogs, Teddy (11 years old) and Herbie (14 months) into the motorhome and husband driving and we are off to Dover!

We took the ferry across to Dunkirk then, after a quick wee break for the dogs, headed on to Nieuwpoort where we spent the night in the marina parked next to our friends narrow boat, Matilda Rose, which had arrived earlier.

When Avalon finally arrived the next morning we were in a state of anticipation and full of butterflies.  Then she appeared and our adventure properly began.  Having missed the moving of Matilda Rose into the water I had no idea what to expect so when Avalon appeared dangling and moving along the road, I had my heart in my mouth.  Husband on board, she was gracefully lowered safely into the water and I could breath again.


Belgium – we have arrived!

4 thoughts on “Starting the adventure

  1. Sounds like the start to a grand adventure. You should have a name, the four Frintoneers! It’s going to be fun following your trip. Wish I was with you, and miss you not being here. But have a grand tour!

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